Food is essential, and BBQ is Life! At least it is at the Cherry Bee. This unique BBQ Pop-Up has a great story to share. Exclusively using cherrywood in their smokers and honey as the main sweetener in their sauces is where the Cherry Bee got it's moniker. Sourcing both wood and honey from the same local organic farm, the Cherry Bee's honey comes from cherry flowers that give its sauces and food that extra kick of cherry flavor. Everything is sourced with sustainability and flavor in mind. Bee's are a central theme of The Cherry Bee down to the names of the two large smokers they use, "Maja" and "Gucio" (The Polish version names of characters based on a British children's cartoon: Maya the Bee) The Cherry Bee understands the importance of bee's in pollination. It is an activist for bee's and works in spreading awareness of colony collapse disorder and it's prevention through supporting local farms that don't use bee harming pesticides. 
The logo itself is a melding of yellow cherries, and a bee. A fun and minimalist interpretation of a bee with a body of cherries. The bee's antenna are the stems of cherries, the wings are representative of honeycombs. The bee's eyes have an angry look that represent the chef's style of cooking with an attitude. When the stinger is out on display on the sauce's label,  you know you're in for a spicy kick. How many stings can you handle?
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