Team Impressions/The Peel Peole

Unleashing Creativity and Innovation:
As Creative Director at Team Impressions and The Peel People, I was at the forefront of creativity and innovation. My role expanded and encompassed leadership, strategic vision, and the pursuit of artistic excellence.

Leading with Vision: 
My responsibilities were multifaceted. I led a talented team of artists, fostering an environment of collaboration. My guidance and insight helped translate creative visions into tangible products, from inception to final execution.

Specialization in Stickers: 
Being part of a leading sticker manufacturer allowed me to explore the niche market of sticker design. This unique experience provided a platform to fuse art with functionality, resulting in products that resonated with diverse audiences.

Emphasizing Collaboration: 
My role extended beyond the creative department. By forging connections with other teams and clients, I ensured alignment between creative objectives and business goals. This synergy allowed us to produce work that was not only visually compelling but also strategically sound.
The time spent at Team Impressions and The Peel People was a journey of exploration, growth, and creating lasting impression in the world of design.
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