Readability, recognizability, and iconography is what the logo for The Live Sound Compound stands to achieve. The concept of representing something live, rather than recorded was the challenge. The typical and obvious concepts of the “Red Recording”  icon was shifted for a color scheme that doesn’t remind the viewer of something pre-recorded. Instead opting for a color that would represent an action that happens in the moment. Our choices left us to departure from red, and shift it to orange to keep a subtle callback to idea of recording, but offer something unexpected that still represented creativity in the studio space, as well as optimism, liveliness, and adventure. 

The main feature of a circle is still reminiscent of the visual language of recording which is instilled in the spirit of the logo.  It uses the negative space of a microphone that sits off center to make the composition more visually interesting. The Iconic nature of the brand allows for better readability when the logo is used as an overlay during live streams and other recording sessions. Its intent is not to demand focus from the content being broadcast but to serve as a station identifier as it sits subtly in the corner of the screen. Its simplicity is what allows it to achieve these goals and simultaneously remain iconic and recognizable. 
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