For Digicom, a concept of an eye and a surveillance camera are merged into this abstract logo.  The digital pupil is represented by blocks which represent pixels on a screen,  but are not aligned on a pixel grid. The goal is for an organic feel and a wonderful elegance that represents the concept of a human watching with modern digital tools. 
The focal distance/searchlight and the iris of the eye represents a camera's viewing distance. It emanates from the center of the pupil which completes and compliments it’s dual role as an iris and abstracted representation of the cameras functionality. 
The font was modified, adding openings to closed spaces to represent secure doors and rooms protected by Digicom's security systems.
All design elements were created with the golden ratio, and golden circles to ensure a pleasing visual aesthetic. A color palate of a light and dark blue, with an off-white and dark-grey were selected. Blue color palates are used to instill a calm reassuring sense of a trust and security.
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