In the Frontier of Luxury Health
In an era where dietary supplements and CBD emerge as new frontiers, branding becomes essential to make a mark. Diamond Venom, a trailblazer in the luxury health and supplement market, required a visual identity that stood out amidst a rapidly growing industry.

A Symbol of Elegance and Danger 
Tasked with this creative challenge, I crafted a logo that married sophistication with an undercurrent of danger. The minimalist design, which I take particular pride in, took the form of a diamond. However, this was not just any diamond; fangs protruded from the bottom, transforming the gem into a snake's head—a symbol resonating with the brand's name and essence.

Unified and Color-Coded Design
Cohesion is extended beyond the logo. A complete lineup of products, from gummies to drops, was unified under this branding umbrella. Each type and flavor were distinctly color-coded, creating a visual harmony that was both accessible and aesthetically pleasing.
The Diamond Venom project was not merely about a logo or packaging; it was an orchestration of a brand that oozed luxury and a subtle thrill. This portfolio showcases a glimpse of that alignment, an entire brand and product line created in unison, emphasizing elegance, innovation, and cohesion.
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