For the month of August 2018, I decided to do a social media challenge. I offered all my Facebook and Twitter followers a chance for me to design a logo and brand identity for them. These are the logos that I have created for them:

BlockBoard is a blockchain based company focusing on education and philanthropy. This concept features a minimalist blackboard with digital blocks to represent the blockchain. The arrangement forms an abstract student raising their hand in a classroom.

Blueberry Pockets, Inc. was in need of a classic logo so the minimalist approach was taken to simplify a blueberry and make it iconic. 

A logo for  A T-shirt company that sells t-shirts for $5 (USD).

This logo is a concept created for the World Blockchain Project. The 7 stylized land masses  represent the 7 continents, inside a circle representing unity and the earth. 


SuperbEstate is a concept for a company that specializes in real-estate investment and improvement. The  houses and arrows represent flipping a house and raising value. The negative space creates an "S" representing the company name.

Syklo is an EDM artist. The Y is a cyclone for a visual pun, with digital bits to represent the electronic aspect of their music.


ItsYac0b is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer that needed a logo for his channels. 

At the time when I first designed this one, a vote for the United States Space Force logo was taking place. No one on twitter seemed to like the options so I took the liberty of creating one for consideration.

This icon is a concept for ChiCoin, a Chicago based cryptocurrency.

A concept for a new Quality Assurance seal made for a friend in the Air Force and their company. Thank you for your service.

This logo is a concept for an education and philanthropy focused blockchain company. The top of the graduation cap is an exercise in negative space and illusion. It creates the cap, and serves as both an M and an E depending on your perspective. The bottom of the cap features an outstretched arm to represent philanthropy. The bar is representative of the graduation tassel and as a symbol of currency.

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