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About Marceli Jasiński 
Marceli Jasinski started his career after graduating from DePaul University with a bachelors degree in Computer Graphics and Animation. He freelanced as a designer with a variety of clients and found early success in the 2010’s with Team Impressions, a sticker/decal printing company. Joining as a design intern and progressing quickly to a leadership role as a creative director. He helped to launch The Peel People retail brand. He was responsible for branding, sales presentations and collateral, development of products and artwork from concept to production, and packaging for products that have found success in big-box retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer to name a few.  He left in 2018 and continued to master his skills by continuing to freelance with a wide variety of clients ranging from ad agencies, small businesses, and technology start-ups. This led to taking on a position with Creative Powers in 2019 where he continued to expand and grow his skills by adding video and motion graphics to his skill-set. Marceli is also a current adjunct instructor and teaches graphic design, image processing, and content management classes at the Computer Systems Institute in Skokie, Il.

About Marceli Jasiński’s Design Skills

Marceli Jasiński offers a wide variety of design solutions and skills and services:

Digital Design Services
Brand Identities/Logos
Brand Guidelines/Brand Style Guides
Digital Ads
Social Media Ads/Design
Email Layouts/Email Marketing
Website Design/Layout
Web Banners
Image Processing/Photoshop Editing/Photo Touchups
Menu Design
Album Cover Design
Presentation Design

Video Production
Animated GIFs
Animated Logos
Motion Posters
Animated Digital Ads
Animated Web Banners
Video Editing
Streamer/YouTube Intro Graphics
Motion Graphics

Print Design Services
Print Ads
Menu Design
Packaging Design
Presentation Design

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